Monday, 22 March 2010

BBC iPlayer - Diet or My Husband Dies

BBC iPlayer - Diet or My Husband Dies
Not about photography I know but something else close to my heart - or kidney I should say.
A truly inspiring story about Sam who underwent a rigorous training scheme to lose weight in order to donate a kidney to her husband. Her total commitment and strength of will has given her husband the precious gift of life and the chance to see their child grow up.
Simply unmissable and utterly inspiring

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Saturday the 13th March saw me experimenting with my macro lens, trying to get a suitable photograph for a friend as a house warming present. Time constraints meant I only had a few minutes to get the photos, so I took some flowers which were on display in the hall and set them up a well lit room.
I'm not sure what the first flower is I think its a
chrysanthemum but it was taken with a EF50mmf2.5 Compact Macro set to 70mm with ISO 320 at 1/8sec @ f4

The second is a close up of a rose on the same settings on 1/10sec @ f2.8