Tuesday, 1 December 2009


5am is an ungodly hour but I awoke this morning, put my gear together and set off for the north Norfolk coast. I had in mind the beach at Brancaster where I had photographed before. I had been meaning to get back there and catch a dawn scene for over a year now and today was that day. As I approached the coast I thought I had mistimed it and would arrive too late, as it was though I need not have worried as the day turned into one of those where it all just pans out nicely.
The tide was low and the horizon was just starting to lighten up. This first shot was a 2 second exposure at f16, I hadn't realised and didn't until after the shot that I must have accidently dialled in an ISO of 320. Still overall I am happy with the image.

I had thought that the light wasn't going to get anymore obliging so I had packed up and walked the short distance to the car when the sky started to show signs that all was not over and that there was going to be a decent sunrise, so I turned around and raced back to the beach where I captured this shot at 1/10 of a sec at f18 (this time making sure the ISO was set to 100!).

It was a result in the end and I have a few more images from the mornings work so I am happy.
On the way home there was a beautiful mist over the woods and farmland as I cut across country, unfortunately I had no energy left to pull up and take a picture or two - but the area is logged for future trips out that way

Sunday, 22 November 2009


I guess I should make mention of my main website here!
Its a work in progress but it is up and running, the link is cspphotography.com if you fancy a peek at my work. I am currently using Jalbum.net free gallery software at the moment, which I love but would have to change if I decide to sell my photographs

I have since changed my web address and now utilize Photium as its a lot more user friendly
New Web Address is: http://cspphotography.photium.com

A Dream of the Land

I occasionally help my folks out with their work and this Friday gone saw my brother and I traveling up the coast to Walsingham on delivery. After we dropped off the produce we carried on towards Wells-next-to-Sea. Here at a junction just outside the town is a strange yet beautiful shop called the Big Blue Sky, which sells all sorts of interesting things from original artworks and photographs to decor and crafty bits & bobs from Norfolk. It was here that I discovered John T Hansell's book called "A Dream of the Land" amoungst other book gems.
Unfortunately John is no longer with us, but his landscape photographs in this book are a delight, particularly those of the norfolk coast and will be a continual influence on my future coastal photography.


Welcome to my blog, this is something I've been meaning to start for some time now and never quite got round to doing! Well with the onset of dialysis again I have a lot more time to sit and think, so my musings on photography and life in general will probably appear up here!

Anyway I hope people enjoy......

Last week the sun poked its head out for a rare look-see, and my brother who is keen to start photographing as a hobby suggested we go and make use of the light. Somewhere I had known about - but as yet not visited, was Shouldham woods, and since it was 5 minutes down the road off we went!
We happened to pick the day that a cross country race was on so there were plenty of people about, but we made our way past the race finish line and into the woods.

Even now a week later I still have the thought going through my head: "why the hell haven't I been here before now?" because the potential for great images is huge! The sun was quite low in the sky and was shining through the trees in shafts of light - this is a place where I think me and my camera will be spending a lot more time.........

The first photo of Shouldham Woods was taken on my 5D:
1/15 sec @ f/16
focal length 28mm
ISO 100

The second image was:
1/5 @ f/9
focal length 50mm
ISO 100