Friday, 15 October 2010

Exciting New Toy!

Ah well it's been a while since I've posted on here. To be honest for health reasons and lack of time I have not been out with my camera in quite a long time. Too long!
I have however, after watching the documentary on tigers recently, bought a trail camera.

The general idea was if I could capture any wildlife on video with the trail camera, I could then have an idea what to expect, and what time said animal was out and about so I could then set up a hide for me and my SLR.
I set the trail camera up in the woods at the back of my property and set it to 30sec video captures and was lucky enough to capture some muntjac deer on a couple of videos and one of a fox although unfortunately Mr Fox didn't come out of hiding until the timer had nearly run out!

The second attempt a few nights later wasn't quite so successful. My brother and I set up the camera in another clearing and although we got something in the region of 15 video captures, they were all of one very lucky grey squirrel stealing all the peanuts we had left out. That's one squirrel that wont go hungry this winter!

It's all been tremendous fun (and more than a little addictive) and I'm already saving for another Trail Camera - this time in HD!

No sign of any tigers yet though.......